Our Services

Zentrale Gstaad is your local partner for all your business or private trips, from local taxi services to luxury transportation, serving any destination in Europe.

Here are our most requested services:

Local taxi (24/7)

Because of its many hills, icy sidewalks and inadequate public transportation, Gstaad is not an easy city to drive in.

A good taxi company can provide service in a timely manner, with minimum delays.

Because they are very familiar with the Gstaad area and are available on demand, our professional drivers will take you safely wherever you need to go.

Our online App allows for rapid booking, fixed rates and taxi arrival in real time.



Limousine services

Gstaad and the lovely Saanenland region are famous for their beauty and luxury.

With its unique villages, hills and mountains, Saanenland is a perfect place for vacationing but also for business and meetings.

Celebrities and world personalities can often be seen in its many luxury hotels and Michelin stars or Gault Millau-rated restaurants.

Are you here for business? For private affairs? Do you need a ride to or from the airport or your hotel? Want to go shopping? Need someone to take you to your medical check-up? To a meeting? Whatever your need, you can trust Zentrale Gstaad for all your trips.

At Zentrale Gstaad, we only use high-end vehicles and experienced drivers that provide high quality and safe services.


Airport & City transfers

Transportation to or from all main airports and train stations.

From Genève, Zurich, Bern, Basel, Sion, Milan, Lyon or the new Saanen- Gstaad airport, forget about your daily stress in one of our high-end cars.

We know that traveling alone, in a group or with family, can be a real hassle. Departure and arrivals from and to the airport or train stations can be nightmares. Our drivers are experts and will welcome you at the airport or during your trip.


Transport business & corporate events

We all know that first impressions are lasting, especially in the business world.

Let us take care of your guests’ trips, whether national or international, so that you can focus on the program and progress of your company’s visit.

Take the pressure off your next big event.
We will manage all the transportation needs of your company’s events.
We offer both affordable and luxury services.

Thanks to our vast network of vehicles and partners, we guarantee service in a timely manner so that speakers, presenters and business guests will get to your events on time and ready!

Similar to a private concierge, our high-end and customized services will take care of all your transportation needs or those of your family, friends and clients.


Cars on demand

We offer bookings for high-end cars at a pre-fixed rate and for as long as you need it, from 2h to 1 week or more!

Don’t hesitate to book our services for all your diners, parties, shopping, excursions or other events. We will meet all your requirements so that you can free yourself from all the constraints that organizing events demand!

Our cars and private chauffeurs are ideal for all your trips within Switzerland, whether you are alone, in a group or with family. We will offer comfortable and elegant solutions to your transportation problems!


Private Chauffeur

You own a car in which you feel comfortable but you don’t feel like driving for long distances? Your health impairs your driving?

Let one of our professional drivers take you where you need to go, at a pre-fixed rate and for as long as you need, from 2h to 1 day or more!

Don’t hesitate to book our comfortable and economical but still professional services for all your diners, medical visits, shopping, or other events.

We have an RC insurance that was designed for our services that will cover your deductible, loss of bonus and all administrative steps so that you are free from all constraints, even in case of an accident


Express delivery

Do you need to have a contract signed and returned on the same day from the other side of Switzerland?

Did you forget to buy milk while grocery shopping?

We will bring you fresh bread and your newspaper every morning!

We will deliver your food orders from the best restaurants in Gstaad to your home, still warm!

Get your prescriptions, groceries, diners and documents delivered to you rapidly, safely and discreetly, without stepping outside!

One of our chauffeurs will take care of your order, following your instructions to the letter until it is delivered.

Do you own a store in Gstaad? Help your clients and make them happy by having their orders delivered directly to their house, private chalet or hotel.

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